EMS Plans

EMS Plan

A requirement as well as a strategic planning document, the EMS Plan is an opportunity for Santa Barbara County to demonstrate its compliance to state minimum standards. The main body of this plan contains 121 evaluation points for Santa Barbara County to benchmark its system. This plan confirms that Santa Barbara County is meeting the minimum standards and in many cases exceeding recommended guidelines. In submitting this plan, we acknowledge that a vast partnership of community based organizations form the heart of a quality EMS system. It is through partnerships with these organizations and adherence to the highest standards of care that we will ensure Santa Barbara County continues to be a leader in the provision of Emergency Medical Services.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan of the Santa Barbara County EMS Agency summarizes the current capabilities and future goals of the agency. The plan is based on California Health and Safety Code. The Strategic Plan provides an organized and logical guide towards assuring the highest quality of emergency care to all in Santa Barbara County.

Trauma Plan

The trauma plan for Santa Barbara County is, first and foremost, a patient advocacy document. Its purpose is to provide a framework for the establishment of a comprehensive injury management strategy for the County that addresses the needs of the injured. The plan acknowledges the inherent challenges of the urban, semi-rural, and rural health care environment and provides an organized process to ensure quality trauma services while remaining sensitive to the intrinsic resource and financial constraints of the system participants. This plan recognizes that a partnership of organizations, institutions and individuals form the nucleus of a quality trauma system. It is only through this partnership and adherence to quality trauma care standards that the goals of this plan will be achieved.

This trauma plan will design a countywide trauma system in order to:

  • Identify the causes of injury.
  • Pursue injury prevention activities to decrease the incidence of trauma.
  • Identify and measure preventable death and disability from trauma.
  • Assure timely, optimal trauma services in a cost-efficient manner through close coordination of prehospital, hospital and rehabilitation services.
  • Reduce mortality and morbidity from trauma within our county.
  • Match patient medical needs with resources of trauma receiving center.
  • Manage costs of trauma system implementation.

Continuous Quality Improvement Plan

The purpose of the Continuous Quality Improvement Plan (CQI) is to promote, enhance and ensure quality emergency medical care to our community at large, through information analysis, education and coordination. The CQI approach to quality management subscribes to the theory that it is not the work of employees or an organization that leads to poor quality; rather it is the poor design of systems and procedures. CQI is a management science based on the philosophy and principles established by Dr. Edwards Deming. CQI combines human resources and quantitative methods to achieve a state of continuous improvement. The goal of EMS in utilizing strategies of CQI is to continuously evaluate ways to improve the quality of care provided.