Examination Process

The selection process for each recruitment will be stated on the recruitment bulletin. Each examination is designed to test your knowledge, skills, and ability to perform that particular job. This may include one or a combination of several exams to score and rank the candidates. The following is a list of the most commonly used types of exams:

  • Supplemental Questions:

    Questions requesting detailed job-related experience and education in a variety of formats, including: essay, check-boxes, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer. Supplemental questionnaire is part of the online application. The questionnaire may be used to determine your score and rank on the employment list, or to screen for qualified candidates, who are then tested further if necessary.

  • Written Exams:

    Written exams include a variation of multiple-choice, true-false, and/or matching questions.

  • Performance Exams:

    Performance exams assess your ability to perform the necessary physical and/or psychomotor skills of the job. These exams may simulate tasks you would be required to perform on the job, such as driving a truck or running a certain distance.

  • Oral Exams:

    Oral Exams involves a panel of three or more, that will be asking each candidate the same set of standard questions. Based on your responses to the questions, you will be scored.

  • Competency Assessments:

    The assessments measure a variety competencies including, but not limited to, cognitive abilities, personality, behavioral, skills, and more. The assessments are designed to help candidates be successful in their roles. If invited to complete an assessment, your recruiter will provide information on the timeline to complete the assessments.

  • Online Skills Test:

    An online test that measures various skills necessary to complete the position. Skills could include computer systems/programs, customer service, reading, computing, analyzing, or communication. If invited to complete a skills test, your recruiter will provide information on the timeline to complete the assessments.