Emergency Job Matching

Thank you for visiting the Emergency Job Matching Website.

The County of Santa Barbara is constantly working alongside residents, neighborhoods, local officials, businesses, non-profits, and emergency management officials to collectively understand and assess the needs of our respective communities, determine the best ways to organize and prepare for emergency events. Often, emergency situations are fluid and require adjustments of work schedules, public services, and shelter at home orders throughout the state. As we navigate through this ever-changing landscape, the County will work to fill essential positions as the need arises. 

We are all in this together and we are looking to our County of Santa Barbara employees and public sector partner agencies who have the ability to provide mutual aid support (including staffing) to assist in our response to any emergency.

County of Santa Barbara Human Resources staff review all forms submitted on this site from public sector employees who can be temporarily assigned to a position in support of ongoing response efforts outside their normal work places. Any such assignments would be temporary and based on the needs of the County of Santa Barbara for essential work. Positions may include assisting with the call center, emergency shelter operations, supporting recovery efforts, managing information through a variety of mediums, and more.

If you are not contacted, it means there is no alternate work available for you at this time. Please direct questions about your normal work/worksite schedule to your supervisor or manager. We appreciate your patience and willingness to serve our community during this emergency.

County Employees:

Like other public sector employees, County employees are designated Disaster Service Workers. This means that during a declared emergency, all County employees are required by law to be at the disposal of the Director of Emergency Services to respond to the emergency. This is true whether an employee is teleworking, working on-site – including at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) or at a site or in a department that is not the employee's normal worksite – or not working for other reasons. County employees are asked to complete the form below if they have not already done so.

Other Public Sector Employees:

We are also seeking mutual aid support from other public agencies as our community rallies together. If you are interested in supporting response efforts in Santa Barbara County through mutual aid, please thoroughly complete the registration form below.

Mutual aid is an agreement where you may still get paid by your organization for the hours you spend responding to the incident. It is recommended that you reach out to your supervisor and review your agency and department's policy prior to assuming you will be paid.

If your agency does not provide mutual aid opportunities, you are welcome to volunteer through local volunteer organizations.


Submitting the information on this form does not automatically assign you to alternate work. 

For County Employees

For Non-County Employees (Mutual Aid Program)


For non-county employees or non-mutual aid partners, the County of Santa Barbara is currently accepting applications to fill temporary short-term vacancies for multiple locations within the County. These positions are classified as Extra-Help Appointments (Civil Service Rule 905), and is defined as an appointment made to a non-regular, non-permanent position(s) established on a temporary basis to meet peak loads, unusual work situations, seasonal and recurrent work, intermittent assignments, or emergencies. All County of Santa Barbara employees are designated Disaster Service Workers through state and local law ( California Government Code Section 3100-3109 ). Employment with the County requires the affirmation of a loyalty oath to this effect. Employees hired into this position will be mandated Disaster Service Workers.

As emergencies arise, we will post job opportunities on this site.