Services for Alcohol and Other Drug Use 

You may access behavioral health services, including services for alcohol and other drug use, by calling the 24-Hour Toll Free Access Line at (888) 868-1649.  Please note that Capacity numbers below are Licensed Capacity numbers.  Whenever ninety percent (90) of licensed capacity has been reached in any level of service, the County of Santa Barbara will expand services in that level of care. (En Español being updated and will be posted soon)

Primary Prevention Services and Early Intervention Services (Level 0.5) include education, environmental prevention, and early intervention services targeted to prevent individuals from abusing substances and to limit access to alcohol and other drugs (AOD) in the community. Primary prevention services include the Strengthening Families Program which is a family skills training program that can significantly improve parenting skills and family relationships, and result in reduced substance abuse and delinquency risk factors.

  • Providers: Council on Alcohol and other Drug Abuse, Family Service Agency, Fighting Back, Future Leaders of America, Pacific Pride Foundation, People Helping People,
  • Area: SB, SM, LOM

Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) is an evidence-based practice used to identify, reduce, and prevent problematic use, abuse, and dependence on alcohol and illicit drugs.

  • Providers: Behavioral Wellness and Public Health
  • Area: SB

Outpatient Services (Level 1.0) and Intensive Outpatient Services (Level 2.1) for substance use disorders consist primarily of counseling and education about addiction-related problems.  Outpatient services include intake, assessment, treatment planning, individual counseling, group counseling, family therapy, collateral services, member education, medication services, crisis intervention services, discharge planning, case management, and recovery services.

  • Providers: Coast Valley Substance Abuse Treatment Center, Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Family Service Agency, Good Samaritan Shelter Services, LAGS Recovery Center, Sanctuary Centers of Santa Barbara
  • Area: SB, SM, LOM

Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) services are provided in licensed narcotic treatment program facilities providing medication-assisted treatment for Narcotic (Heroin, Vicodin, OxyContin) abuse and dependence. Individuals in OTP attend treatment services daily including taking prescribed doses of methadone and or other medications (including buprenorphine, disulfiram, and naloxone) and attending counseling sessions. OTP's can last from 21 days for detoxification services for to up to years, depending on client need.

  • Provider: Aegis Treatment Centers
  • Area: SB, SM, LOM

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services for substance use disorders are available outside of Opioid Treatment Programs through the use of prescription medications, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies.  MAT services includes the order, prescribing, and monitoring of medications for SUD, particularly to address opioid and alcohol dependence.

  • Providers: Aegis Treatment Centers, Coast Valley Substance Use Treatment Center, LAGS Recovery Center
  • Area:  SB, SM, LOM

Withdrawal Management Services (Level 3.2) are residential detoxification services to safely withdraw from alcohol and other drugs. Withdrawal Management services include intake and assessment, observation (to evaluate health status and response to any prescribed medication), medication services, and discharge planning. Most Withdrawal Management services last from five to seven days.

  • Providers: Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Good Samaritan Shelter Services
  • Area: SB, SM, LOM

Residential Treatment (Level 3.1 and 3.5) for substance use disorders is a non-institutional, 24 hour non-medical, short-term residential program that provides rehabilitation services to members with a substance use disorder diagnosis.  Residential services require prior authorization by the county plan and are not to exceed two in a one-year period.  Residential services can be for a maximum of 90 days for adults and 30 days for youth.

  • Providers: Council on Alcohol and Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Good Samaritan Shelter Services, Salvation Army (coming approx. March 2019), Tarzana Treatment Center
  • Area: SB, SM, LOM

Driving under the Influence (DUI) programs provide education and counseling for persons who have a driving or boating violation involving alcohol and/or other drugs.

  • Providers: Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Central Coast Headway, Zona Seca
  • Area: SB, SM, LOM

Penal Code 1000 – Drug Diversion is a deferred entry of judgment program for non-violent drug offenders referred to treatment.  Upon completion of treatment, charges are dismissed.  Services include education, and individual and group counseling.

  • Providers: Coast Valley Substance Abuse Center, Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Zona Seca
  • Area: SB, SM, LOM

CalWORKs Resource Support Team is a combined effort between the Department of Social Services and the Santa Barbara County Alcohol and Drug Program. The team guides CalWORKs families through what may be a difficult time in their lives by helping to identify, understand, and work through issues that create barriers to employment.

  • Provider: Behavioral Wellness and Social Services
  • Area: SB, SM, LOM

Patients' Rights Advocates are Behavioral Wellness staff members who report directly to the Behavioral Wellness Chief of Compliance. They are available to assist anyone who has a concern about the legal rights of consumers, family members, and members of the community. Patients' Rights Advocates can answer questions, provide advice, and represent consumers in grievances, appeals, and State Fair Hearings.

  • Providers: Patients' Rights Advocates
  • Area: SB, SM, LOM


Co-Occurring Outpatient Services are for clients have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness and a co-occurring alcohol or drug issue and benefit from a specialized level of service.

  • Providers: Behavioral Wellness and Sanctuary Centers of Santa Barbara
  • Area: SB, SM, LOM

Youth and Family Treatment Centers provide treatment to youth who have begun using drugs and alcohol, and their families; in the community and through school based counseling services. The focus is youth between the ages of 13 and 17, and these youth centers provide age appropriate developmental services and offer family involvement and case management services

  • Providers: Coast Valley Substance Abuse Treatment Center, Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse - Daniel Bryant Youth and Family, Family Service Agency
  • Area: SB, SM, LOM 

Perinatal Services serve pregnant/post-partum women and women with children who are in need of substance abuse services. Perinatal services include Outpatient Services, Intensive Outpatient Services, and Residential Services. These services are enhanced to address the unique needs of women.

  • Providers: Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Good Samaritan Services  
  • Area: SB, SM, LOM 


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)  

(805) 962-3332, 14 W. Anapamu St., Santa Barbara, CA, 93101.

AA is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope and help others to recover from alcoholism.  There are no dues or fees for AA membership.  The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.  AA and all 12 Step programs provide spiritual and/or technical solutions to alcohol and other drug problems.  Meetings are available in English and Spanish.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)  

(805) 569-1288.  NA is the 12 Step equivalent of AA for other drugs of abuse besides or in addition to alcohol.


Al-Anon and Alateen Santa Barbara 

(805) 569-1288.  "If you are bothered by someone else's drinking, Al-Anon and Alateen Family Groups may be able to help.  We are a fellowship of men, women and children who share their experience strength and hope in order to solve our common problem."


SMART Recovery: Self-Management and Recovery Training

(Check local Santa Barbara SMART for meeting availability). SMART Recovery was formed as an alternative (or compliment) to AA, NA and other 12 Step programs, emphasizing science and secular approaches to recovery more than spiritual ones.  SMART Recovery "is a global community of people and families working together to resolve addiction problems.  In our free group discussion meetings, participants learn from one another using a self-empowerment approach based on the most current science of recovery."


LifeRing Secular Recovery

LifeRing is an organization of people who share practical experiences and sobriety support. There are as many ways to live free of illicit or non-medically indicated drugs and alcohol as there are stories of successful sober people. Many LifeRing members attend other kinds of meetings or recovery programs, and we honor those decisions. Some have had negative experiences in attempting to find help elsewhere, but most people soon find that LifeRing's emphasis on the positive, practical present-day can turn anger and despair into hope and resolve. LifeRing respectfully embraces what works for each individual.